Friday, 7 September 2012

_worn #06.09.2012 #tonesurtone #oger #handmade

I haven't been posting much outfit posts lately due to being busy with all kinds of things. But here's one for a change. The first time I'm wearing a dark blue shirt under a dark(er) blue suit. 

_suit: oger handmade . 100 % s100 wool in dark blue herringbone . mtm
_shirt: oger handmade . 100 % dark blue supersoft cotton . mtm
_tie: petronius . very dark blue silk with white dots . mto
_shoes: santoni . chocolat brown double monkstrap . rtw
_socks: pantherella . 100 % cotton in navy . rtw
_pocket square: oger . 100 % white twill cotton . rtw

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  1. I love those shirt shoulders! They are so vintage! Damn!

  2. Would love to have a jacket lined in camo - can you tell me who supplies this lining? Thanks

  3. Hi Matthew,

    we supply the camo lining for our Oger ( made to measure suits. Not sure who the actual producer of the lining is.


  4. Hi Menco
    Thanks for the reply. I heard a lot about Oger as I used to be the GM at Henry Bucks - a member of the IMG. I live in Australia and no plans to come to Europe. If you have the opportunity to find the name of the supplier I would love to order a piece to have a suit lined here. Regards

  5. Dear Matthew,

    That's nice! I know for sure that P. Johnson ( works with the same supplier. The have stores in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Let me know if you were able to find it!